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                            With Taylor Properties


 Alicia M. Richardson 

 I am the Associate Broker and CEO, the brain child for AMR Elite Realtors.  

After 20 years in the real estate industry you see A LOT.  I have been with several different brokerages and took notes on what I would do different IF I had my own.  Therefore after much prayer I decided to open a small boutique brokerage under my current company.  

Working in the DMV area I have indulged in several areas of the real estate industry.  I have also been able to assist and groom some of the industrys' prominent Realtors. I love to mentor and have been for nearly 17 years. Sharing my knowledge also helps me to become a better Realtor.  Things have surely changed in my tenure but Great Service is something that should and will always remain if I have anything to do with it. 


My goal is to change the face of real estate agents in the publics eye and regain the integrity of the industry.   I hope to eliminate the negative thoughts of what is a Realtor and create better agents, better Realtors - Elite Realtors. 


I am always excited to meet new clients and also assist new agents.  A home purchase or sale should also be an informative learning experience for the client.  So let me share my knowledge with you.    Specializing in: 


 Residential       Commercial       Investment      New Construction

       Foreclosure       Short Sales     REO     Auction      Tax Sale

       Probate       Estate      :Land     HUD Owned     VA  Owned

   Ready to assist you with ANY and ALL things house related

                                                 Contact me 

               240-997-5101      or

                                           The Houselady 

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